Renew Crew

Snow Removal & De-Icing Services Make Your Life Easier

If you need a hand with snow removal and de-icing for your store, housing community or business, Renew Crew at Castle Rock can help. Don’t lose customers because of a parking lot full of ice and snow. Instead, let us clear your sidewalks, parking areas and entranceways so you can get on with business.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Liquid Snow Shovel

We use Liquid Snow Shovel, a premium anti-ice and de-icing solution, that works as fast as we do to get rid of the snow and ice, so your customers, homeowners and employees can park hassle-free. The product is more enduring than salt and keeps your driveways and parking spaces clear longer.

Protect the Environment and Your Driveway

Our de-icing product is clean, clear and odorless so you barely know it’s there, and the non-staining product leaves no ugly white residue behind once the snow and ice melt. Its biodegradable formula protects the environment, and the liquid is non-hazardous to you and your pets.

How it Works

Liquid Snow Shovel gets under the pores of the concrete, so it’s much more effective than salt, which sits on top of surfaces. It’s also 70 percent safer than ordinary rock salt so we can clear the snow without damaging your parking area and sidewalks. For optimal results, we apply before the storm hits, and the resulting protective layer keeps the snow from sticking. When the snow is shoveled away, there’s no leftover slick ice that can cause slips and falls.

We Handle Snow Removal Too

Renew Crew at Castle Rock also takes care of snow removal after a big storm. However, keep in mind that the best preventive is to apply regular treatments of the de-icing product during the months of November to April. We can come to your housing complex, restaurant or storefront once a week, twice a week or apply a one-time treatment for a snow-free zone where you need it the most. Call today to schedule your winter snow removal plan.

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