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Clean and Protect Your Home’s Vinyl Siding with Our Proven Process

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At Renew Crew of Castle Rock, our 3-step power washing process will not only clean the vinyl, fiber cement, or wood siding of your home, but it will protect and restore it too. Throughout the years, wind, rain, and sun wear on your home’s exterior and embed dirt and grime deep into the pores of your siding. However, power washing the right way can bring a restoration that will be reminiscent of that new-looking Castle Rock home you first fell in love with. Our technicians are experienced and ready to help you with your siding needs.

Curb Appeal Done Right

Experience the Renew Crew Difference with our patented 3-step process:

Step One

Step one is to apply a special cleaning agent, an actual foam that works into cracks and creases, loosening and lifting dirt from the siding of your home for a deep-down, gentle clean. Standard power washing services will blast away surface dirt, and leave your home’s siding looking stained.

Step Two

Step two is a power washing setting that makes sense. Pressure behind that wash? Absolutely. Yet this is pressure that removes dirt and grime without ravaging your home’s exterior. Again, typical power washing companies use levels of water pressure that far too often cause damage, either to surfaces or plants and landscaping and skip our first step all together.

Gentle Pressure Washing of Siding

Step Three

Step three, of course, protects. Our polymer-infused finish seals and blocks out dirt and slows build up, while protecting from weather and the elements. In addition, this last step maintains the look and prolongs the life of your home’s siding. Normal power washing does nothing to protect your siding after cleaning.

Free, Added Benefits for Vinyl Siding

Protected and Restored Siding

At Renew Crew of Castle Rock, we value customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to serve your needs. It’s why we offer a special protectant for your vinyl siding, designed to help prevent dust from sticking and keep it looking cleaner longer. We’ll even provide this additional benefit at no extra cost to you!

Don’t let DIY pressure-washing projects or traditional companies frustrate you or cause damage to your home, let the professionals at Renew Crew improve your curb appeal and restore your home’s siding. Call us today at 720-903-2549 for a free consultation.

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