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Fence Repair

There are many reasons why you might install a fence. Fences help keep unwanted guests out, mark boundaries, keep out noise, and ensure privacy. However, once your fence is installed, it’s a matter of time before you need it repaired. Natural materials like wood are especially prone to rot or damage from human activity or the natural elements. A fence repair when you need it most will ensure that your fence remains functional and serves you for a long time. That’s where Renew Crew of Castle Rock comes in.

Our Repair Services

At Renew Crew of Castle Rock, we use two methods of repairing your broken or rotted fence. Our qualified and experienced personnel will assess your fence’s structural integrity and identify the best way to fix the problem.

The Band Aid Approach

This is one of the two ways we repair broken fences. This method is most suitable when your fence has a couple of minor broken or rotting fence posts. Our experts will repair these few posts by strategically installing a metal post mender. This will reinforce the broken or rotten fence posts without replacing them. Obviously, this approach is more affordable and quicker to install; however, it’s not a long-term solution and should only be considered if the rest of your fence is in good condition.

The Investment Approach

This is the ideal approach when multiple posts in your fencing structure are significantly damaged. Using this approach is a bigger investment with a longer-lasting outcome. During this process, our experts pull out the broken or rotten posts as well as the old concrete. We will then replace the posts with new, stronger posts and concrete. The result is a more durable product that your family can enjoy for years to come.

Renew Crew is Here for You

Whatever the project, we will respond swiftly to your call, assess the extent of damage and recommend the right tools and equipment for the job. Our technicians strive to carry out the work and complete it in good time to minimize any inconvenience.

Renew Crew of Castle Rock provides a variety of services when it comes to outdoor cleaning and repair for your home or business. If you wish to request our services, give us a call at 720-903-4782.

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