Renew Crew

Restoring Your Home’s Exterior

At Renew Crew of Castle Rock, we offer residential exterior pressure washing services that don’t just clean, they protect and restore. Our patented service can give your home’s exterior an attractive new look that will add value to your property.

Pressure Cleaning Driveway and Walkway

Many companies operate their power washers at a high pressure, a short distance from the nozzle, and an uneven angle that can strip off paint, damage nearby landscaping, and leave gouges, pores and etches for dirt to settle, and for mold and bacteria to grow.

3-Steps to Clean and Protected

Renew Crew’s proprietary, 3-step residential pressure washing process offers to clean and maintain your exterior surfaces. First, we apply our specialty foaming cleanser, which penetrates deep into microscopic crevices of any surface to remove deeply embedded dirt and eliminate harmful mold and fungus. Our eco-friendly foaming formula is biodegradable and safe for pets, plants, and children.

We then rinse away with an even and moderate amount of pressure to conserve your exterior. We follow by applying a special polymer sealant that closes microscopic pores to keep out dirt, lays an attractive shine and texture to surfaces, and blocks UV rays and moisture.

Siding Restoration

Because We Care

Your time, money, and home are important to us, so we will work to clean the outside of your home safely and thoroughly. We specialize in decks, fences, cedar siding, concrete, patio, stone pavers, and driveways.

We are based in Castle Rock and we serve areas around Littleton, Lone Tree, Parker, Louviers, and Denver. Give us a call at 720.439.7667 for a free estimate.

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