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Commercial Property Pressure Washing

There’s no better way to blast away caked-on, built up grime and dirt on commercial properties than with a good pressure washing. There’s also no easier way to etch and damage your property surfaces.

3-Steps to Safer, Cleaner Power Washing

Pavilion Pressure Washing and Restoration

Renew Crew of Castle Rock uses a different kind of approach to power washing. Rather than using maximum-pressure power washing that might damage your property and leave etching in your concrete, Renew Crew uses an environmentally sound approach that protects your surfaces.

Our Process

Specially formulated cleaning agents penetrate pores to lift away dirt and eliminate mold and mildew. This approach makes our power washing method effective and safe for most outdoor surfaces. Wood, stucco, vinyl and concrete all benefit from our unique technique.

After foaming is complete and surfaces are deeply cleaned, they are rinsed clean with a gentle power washing. Our method applies the least necessary pressure in order to prevent property damage that other commercial pressure washing companies can cause. We are careful with your property!

To complete the job, we seal the deal with a special polymer sealant. The newly-cleansed pores and cracks of your surfaces are sealed and safeguarded against dirt and future mold or mildew accumulation. Our polymer also provides protection from the sun and enhances the look of your surface.

Park Structure Restoration

Types of Commercial Properties

Though we can clean any concrete, wood, vinyl or hardscape surfaces, here are some of the properties we get to clean most often:

  • Apartment siding and decks
  • Sidewalks and driveways of commercial buildings
  • Business siding and sidewalks
  • Gazebos and wooden bridges in public parks
  • The Renew Crew has been up to the task of creating shining, renewed surfaces since 1993. Founder Stan Krempges developed our special eco-friendly foam, then continued to develop Earth-smart sealants and cleaners for use on just about every building material.

    Since then, we’ve been providing residential and commercial customers alike with excellent, gentle power washing services. But we also pride ourselves on offering some of the smartest, safest and cleanest pressure washing services around.

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